Comparing Different Types of Waist Trainers: Which Suits You BEST? (We Tried 4 Waist Trainers!)

With so many different types of waist trainers in the market, it’s impossible to compare all of them and choose the waist trainer that best suits you!

Luckily, we’ve done our research and boiled it down to 4 commonly used waist trainers. We tested each type of waist trainer and compared them to give you our review of it:

1) Corset-inspired waist trainer (1:33 – 2:04)
2) Belt waist trainer (2:05 – 3:07)
3) Zip waist trainer (3:08 – 4:10)
4) Sports waist trainer (4:11 – 5:21)

We worked up a sweat trying and comparing the different types of waist trainers! More importantly, we hope that after watching this video, you’ll know which waist trainer suits you best.

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