How To Recover After A Deadlift Injury Within 48 Hours And Heal Lower Back Pain

A few days ago I injured my back from deadlifts for the second time in my life. The first time it me 3 months to recover because I didn’t know how to heal the pain instantly once the injury happened. This time because I know how to fix my lower back after an injury I took action immediately. As soon as I felt the pain, I started doing these exercises that you see in this video which helped me to heal the lower back pain within 48 hours. 2-3 days after the lower back pain has been reduced although I need to careful.
Keep in mind that I am not a doctor and these exercises should not be performed without doctor guidance.

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▶ How did everything start?

My name is Xenios Charalambous, and I help busy people lose weight and sustain their results.

I started my fitness journey when I was 13 years old, after a rejection I had from a girl at school. I was skinny (103 lbs, 47kg), unhealthy, depressed, addicted to video games, and I had no self-confidence. I struggled through my teens, and I realised that the only person who is responsible for my life’s direction is me… so I took action.

After years of trial and error, I cracked the code, and I finally transformed my body and mind, but that wasn’t enough… I decided to challenge more myself by applying for the special forces. I successfully completed the 2 years training and took my mental strength into a whole new dimension.

I shared my story on youtube, went viral all around the world (over 6.7 million views), and my fitness company was found. After getting known worldwide, I moved to London where I was coaching A-List celebrities, partnered with companies like X-Factor, Google, Morgan Stanley and Amazon to train their executives.

I now specialise in helping busy individuals lose weight with a proven sustainable system. Since 2013, I’ve helped hundreds of people worldwide transform their life. Check out my website for more information. (Start with the masterclass, link shared above)

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