I Finally Said Yes! | Bridal Gown (PART 1) | The Gown + Corset Process | Designisme Daily

Hey guys,

So I finally said yes to my 1st bridal gown in almost a year. I know how many of y’all been requesting gown tutorials so here goes..

PART 1 of what it really takes to create a Bespoke Gown.

In this video I’ll take you guys through in a very compressed way

• How To Properly Measure The Client
• How To Sketch The Design
• Drafting the Mermaid Silhouette
• Draping on The Dress Form
• Transferring The Drape To A Paper Pattern
• Construction of the Toile Dress
• Corset Boning Insertion
• Bra Cup Insertion
And Finally …
• Fitting the Toile on the Client


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