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The Vanity Waist Contour is from www.shopbellabody.com It is awesome for back support and shedding unwanted inches around the waistline. It can be worn during exercise under or on top of your clothing. The Vanity can also be worn around the house during everyday activities. I’m very excited about it’s double support waist band for an extra snug fit and the heat it creates to melt my tummy away! I’m wearing a size 3X in this video.

*Please visit http://www.shopbellabody.com/shape-wear/vanity.html?acc=46 for more info on the Vanity waist contour and be sure to use the 5% off checkout code: “TheMindCatcher”

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Produced with CyberLink PowerDirector 13
Camera Used: Canon Rebel T3i 50mm lens.

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